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Feb 14, 2013 6:30pm PST
british environment secretary said the problem was not simply one of public health. >> i think what we got involved in this horse issue is criminal activity which appears to cross borders. that is an entirely separate matter. >> the european commission has announced plans to institute brandon dna testing of beef products starting in march. in addition, authorities are testing the product across the continent for the equine painkiller, though they say eating horse meat containing it should be little threat to human health. our correspondent, joining us from our parliamentary to you. we have politicians across is that going to be enough to clear this up? th>> these tests should certainy go some way in making consumers feel more confident about the meat products they are buying throughout the european union. ironically, two weeks ago, the british food safety association started testing for chemicals in horse meat sparked by this mixup of beef and horse meat scandal and promptly found traces of chemicals, including those mentioned in the report, which was typically used in resources. this
Feb 19, 2013 7:00am EST
environment for we need less work. that is why the unemployment rate is so stable, even with an economy that is growing. rather than talking about how we can find jobs to make people work to do, the real question is how can we stop the wealthy class from taking all of the money out of the system and not being willing to give it back. they earned it on a labor of people. cato institute sounds like you wouldn't be talking to a southern plantation owner after the civil war and say all we really need to do is institute savory. but it is a to slavery. guest: the comment is ridiculous but he started off on a good track. the productivity of laborsaving devices is a key part of the economy. he is right, a major issue in and advanced economy is that new machinery and equipment and advanced techniques replaces labor constantly. that is what economic growth is. if we look at manufacturing, it is actually pretty healthy. but they need less workers to produce all those products. the manufacturing itself, in terms of economic exports, has done really well. the real issue is that we should not think about
Feb 11, 2013 7:00am EST
in december of 1993. even the environment looks different. even more important than that, it is really that moderate seat held by democrats do not belong to democrats any more. do belong to very conservative republicans. seats that were held by moderate republicans are now held by democrats. that makes the democrats all that much -- that makes the dynamic all that more problematic. if you are a gun owner that it's a certain democratic profile, that makes it more likely that you are actually eight republicans. host: host: you wrote about this. ece. is amy's pi guest: we still have to do it immigration reform. host: biscuit the viewer is involved -- let's get the viewers involved. caller: we should be able to vote on our own gun control and immigration policies. host: what do you mean by that? caller: you can vote whether you want immigration control, yes or no. enforce our laws we already have. the american people can vote. the details can be worked out by congress. host: do you think the electorate moves forward on these issues by voting for president obama? caller: i believe am
Feb 17, 2013 7:00am EST
policy more of 43% trust republicans with gun policy. on the issue of the environment, 55% trust president obama more. foreign policy, it is 51% to 37%. theresa, nevada. caller: regarding president obama using executive orders to go around the republicans in the house, i am all for it. i am aware that this is a two- party democracy and we need republicans to be reasonable working party, but they have not been. the president has no choice but to go around them. john boehner has walked away. i am frustrated and the country is frustrated, other democrats are frustrated and scared. i am scared of the things they're willing to do to our country. he is doing what he has to do. i am all for his proposals, all for clean energy and comprehensive immigration, i am for gun legislation. i am for all of them. i am center-left, that is progressive. i think the country is definitely going progressive. i do not understand where the republicans want to obstruct and go with their small mindedness and small government proposals that they think that they can push through on the american people that
Feb 14, 2013 7:00am EST
away from all the other responsibilities of the tax code or the regulatory environment that would get the economy growing. if you want wages to grow -- what we've done to the middle class has been devastating. immigration will be one thing we will hopefully get to an honest understanding of the policy and the facts. you opened with a comment about the president's administration. a friend of mine admits the president that promise to be the most transparent and open to not turn out that way. i have not heard members of the left just being brutal, "you promised open government and sunlight into the workings and you did just the opposite." this is an interesting conversation. the left was brutal to the previous administration on guantanamo bay, extradition, the use of drones. that same left is almost mute when this president has gone further and broken his promises. host: speaker boehner held a press conference yesterday and said the house would not pass any sequester bills until the senate does. the speaker was tired of having legislation die. guest: we have spent two years negotiating w
Feb 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
architecture. we took this area of the environment and we finished the church into this area. and this is as if the church comes out of the ground, as if it's growing here as part of nature. and we have this church circular in order to bring people closer to the altar. a rectangular church would bring them farther from the altar. and what we have here is a church which was constructed in two years. reid & tarix were the architectural firm. robert alder was the designer. and we started november 1961 and we finished in october 1963. we have 12 pillars in the church. believe it or not, they were poured six days like the six days of creation with a slick form method of construction. twenty-four hours a day, we had the pouring of cement, of concrete. then we have the tilted panels which were poured on the ground, lifted by a crane and fitted to the spaces, fitted to the walls and weld it to the walls. now we go up to the vaults which are below the dome. each one of those vaults weighs 32 tons. each one was poured on the ground, lifted by a crane and fitted and seated on top of the pill
Feb 19, 2013 2:00pm PST
try at least to create a new environment for yourself, a house like this for instance with some flowers and plenty of light. i have a wife, you know, and two little girls and my wife's not very well and all that. well, if i had to start my life all over again i wouldn't marry, no, no. ah, congratulations dear sister, from the bottom of my heart, congratulations on your saint's day. i wish you good health and everything a girl of your age ought to have and allow me to present you with this little book. it's a history of our school covering the whole 50 years of its existence. i wrote it myself. of course, quite a trifle really. i wrote it in my spare time when i had nothing better to do but i hope you'll read it, nevertheless. good morning to you all. oh, allow me to introduce myself, kulygin is the name, i'm a master at the secondary school here and a town counselor. there's a list in the book of all the students who have completed their studies during the last 50 years [speaking latin] my dear. but you gave me this book for easter. did i really? oh, in that case, give it to me
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)